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Hard years 2020 - 2021


Hello, everyone,


it’s been more than 8 years since I first got the idea to create my own website. The aim was to bring closer to my fans the atmosphere of the competitions and to popularize my sport among the general public. Over the years, the website contents have grown to a decent size and today you can see many dozens of galleries of amateur and professional photoshoots or watch interesting sports and glamour videos.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the only thing that wasn’t increasing was the amount of texts. Unfortunately, free time is a very scarce commodity for me, and since 2014 I have prioritized my Instagram and FB accounts, which I update regularly.

Another reason was that I still believe that actions should speak for a person louder than their empty words. I was led by my parents to humility, modesty and decency, so I want to achieve something myself before giving any advice to others. I think it is best to listen to a person with a strong will, who has their words really backed up by their own achievements, education, the results of their honest work, wisdom, kindness and humility, which they have gained during their long life, etc. I still don’t think I’ve achieved anything like this, so I’d like to leave that to those who have. Up until now, I’ve let the galleries from the competitions and other photos and videos speak for me – galleries from which the sporting progress that I have managed to make over the years with the help of my loved ones is most apparent, but today I will try, with GREAT humility, to add some words...

I wanted to do this at the beginning of 2020 and write that I finally got an excellent coach, a top expert Mr. Miloš Šnajdr (SVK) and that the preparations for competitions were going well, maybe even talk more about preparation, training, diet... And then COVID-19 struck in full force, and its rampage grew into a worldwide pandemic with all normal human activities being completely stopped or severely restricted.

In this time of losses, tragedies, pain, sadness and suffering, it is very, very difficult to write cheerful posts, without other people judging you and saying something like “you have time for some positive energy and also sport, while people around you die, lose their jobs, scrape by, children don’t attend school, etc.”

Nevertheless, I still try to think positively and support people also on social media, urging them to observe the restrictions, exercise at home and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I understand that today it is very difficult to think positively, act and enjoy life – sometimes almost impossible –, yet I don’t want to give up!

It’s end of March 2021 and in the Czech Republic, where I was born, I live, work and do sports, there is a strict lockdown – for the umpteenth time. Unfortunately, we are not the only place in the world where everything is closed and strict measures apply. It’s like on a roller coaster: every country has it different – somewhere it’s better, somewhere worse, somewhere it’s just tragic! As much as we may find all the past, present and future measures across the globe very, very overwhelming and incredibly strict, safety, health and the lives of all of us are certainly the most important thing! On the other hand, we should introduce all measures very sensitively, with high professionalism and with utmost regard to all generations, all professions, all pupils and students, etc., etc. I understand that all this is extremely complicated and no one will ever be able to do it to the satisfaction of all of us.

Of course, for me, as a policewoman and a top-level athlete, living through this period is very hard. I lost a close family member, my friend’s colleague and friend died, a number of competitions were cancelled and the overall situation with my preparation for professional competitions became very complicated. The reason for all of this was COVID-19. Of course, I know that some people are in a much, much worse situation than me... and believe me, my social sensitivity is at a high level and I am very sorry.

Nevertheless, please do not judge me that even in these difficult times I try to continue to prepare for my competitions and follow my dream. After all, if you kill even your dreams, what will you really be left with at these times? Hopelessness, futility, sadness, depression? No, I’m not willing and not going to live like this, I won’t give up on the fundamental human values and I will continue to observe all reasonable measures. Although the anti-COVID measures are very unpleasant and literally overwhelming, I personally do not dare to question them and I simply follow them. I continue to have great admiration for the people on the frontline, especially doctors, nurses and other dedicated professionals and volunteers who help others constantly and often on the edge of human possibilities.

I wish that even in these difficult times we were tolerant and nice to each other, didn’t fight over unimportant little things, were able to smile and think positively all the time. I wish the whole world cooperated and for us to fight together and survive all this! Yes, it’s my wish, but I really see the light at the end of the tunnel!

And whatever the final cost might be, we must move on! We have to. That’s all there is to do. That’s just life, and sometimes nature is stronger than we would’ve wished. Nevertheless, let’s please respect it, let us learn from our own mistakes, but most importantly, let’s not lose faith and optimism even in these difficult times.

Have a very nice day. I wish you a lot of strength, health, belonging, life vigor, positive thoughts and... please help others. I look forward to a normal life for all of us úsměv


With respect, humility and great respect for nature, other living creatures and, of course, for us humans,


yours sincerely




Lenka Ferenčuková