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biceps: 41cm


mates, friends, sup­port­ers, fans, ath­letes, col­leagues and those of you who are inter­ested in what is hap­pen­ing in my sport. :-)

Thank you for your sup­port and for your inter­est in this sport.

For a long time I hes­i­tated to cre­ate my own web pages until I lis­tened to the wishes of many of you and now I have taken this step.

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25/06/2018, 07:31
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Lenka Ferenčuková | Official website

­Lenka Ferenčuková

1st place - NPC Holiday Classic, physique, USA + absolute victory
1st place - Olympia Amateur San Marino - female physique + win "PRO CARD"
9th place - European Championship, physique, Spain
2th place - 2017 - Arnold Classic Australia, physique
1th place - 2017 - Arnold Classic, physique, USA
1th place - Olympia Amateur physique
1st placeCzech republic championship physique
6th placeEuropean Championship physique
8th place - World Cup physique

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